The Dubious Bros. play party music and listening music. We have good variety of favourite old covers (Dubious Classics) as well as an excellent selection of songs written by the band. We play for birthdays, weddings, in pubs and for parties. We have played for Malmesbury Mayoral Celebrations and are well known for our local fundraisers for Oxfam, Medicen sans Frontiers, The Disaster Emergency Committee, British Heart Foundation, Malmesbury River Valleys Trust, Clowns sans Frontiers, etc, etc.

We are Malmesbury's second oldest band and rapidly approaching a 30th birthday in spring 2020.


We are, from the left: David Charles, former local MD (our Witchdoctor), sings, plays guitars and saxophones. Next, Roger Smith sings and plays wonderful bass guitar. Felix Byrne, centre, plays drums. He also sings, acts and tap dances, though not with us yet. Jacki Byrne, our newest member, sings superbly. Paul Darby is the main vocalist and he plays an old Levin acoustic guitar. Art Robb, on the right right, plays harmonica, trombone and keyboards and has supplied tea bags to the band since 1989. The band rehearses in Art's living room on Gloucester Road, often on a Monday evening - dancing in the street is encouraged. All members have written music and the band plays and has recorded many songs written by David and Roger.

The band's prices are reasonable, but it is essential to book well in advance.

Art Robb 07984 892570
Roger Smith 07966 264863

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